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Ethical Principles of the Competition Conference

The Competition Conference is organized and its proceedings are published in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the academic environment, the VŠPJ Code of Ethical Principles, the VŠPJ Directive for the Prevention of Plagiarism and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

All participants in the review process of the Competition conference (authors, editors, reviewers) are obliged to observe the following ethical principles:

In case of any questions about the review procedure, the rules stated in this code or the publication within the proceedings of the competition conference, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.


Author responsibilities:

All papers submitted to the conference review process must be original and must not be published in any way before, during or after the conference. The author(s) should not submit similar papers (or papers essentially describing the same subject) at multiple meetings or in other journals.

Authors are obliged to properly cite all sources and other authors in the submitted papers.

The author may not change, distort or otherwise modify the research data in the paper if this could significantly affect the conclusions resulting from the research results.

The author of the paper is obliged to state only valid and true affiliations of all co-authors (name, institution, contacts).

In the event of a serious error resulting from a breach of the ethical principles of the Competition conference, the published paper will be withdrawn. The author and co-authors may be excluded from any future participation and publication of papers in the proceedings of the Competition conference.

The author of the paper must inform the editor without undue delay of any obvious error in his / her accepted paper. The author is obliged to cooperate with the editor in withdrawing or correcting the paper.


Editor responsibilities:

The editor is obliged to choose the reviewers of papers solely so that the reviewer is always only a competent and qualified person in the given topic.

The editor is obliged to act in the review procedure only in such a way that the highest ethical standard of the Competition conference is always maintained.

All papers submitted for publication can be checked with plagiarism detection software to verify their originality. Entries that do not meet the criteria of originality will be excluded from the review process without compensation.


Reviewer responsibilities:

If the reviewer does not feel qualified for an objective review of the paper, he/she must immediately inform the editor.

Reviewers must oppose the papers objectively and constructively from the point of view of the content and formal aspects of the peer-reviewed paper.

The reviewer should treat the paper as confidential and also avoid any conflicts of interest in the review process.

The reviewer should immediately inform the editor of any similarities between the peer-reviewed paper and another paper or article published at another conference or journal.